There are more than 100 sex criminals living in this village, completely different from the world

There is one such village in Florida of America where only people who commit rape or sexual offenses are living. Yes, the name of this criminals village is Miracle Village. situated about 2 miles from Florida, Here Lives more than 200 People. All these people are criminals. They are accused of sexual harassment.

Most of the Criminals in this criminals village are kept criminals who have some kind of teenager sex or rape charges. Actually, according to the act of Florida, sex offenders are kept away from the common residential area even after cutting off the sentence.

Apart from this, many of the criminals living here are also involved in psychological treatment programs and go to church regularly.


Some such boards appear in front of houses


Chris, who was a sex offender living here, said that when he was 18, he had to go to jail for his involvement with the 14-year-old girlfriends. However, Chris said that his girlfriend had hidden her age from him.


At the same time, even some small local jobs are done at the local level.

These places are kept away

According to the act, children who are sexually harassed with children can not be allowed to stay up to 2500 feet of children’s school, college, coaching, gaming zone or any such residential area after being punished.

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